VASER Hi-Def LipoSculpture

What is VASER® Hi-Def?

Assisted High Definition LipoSculpture, or VASER® Hi-Def™ is an advanced body sculpting technique that creates an athletic, sculpted appearance. It works through the removal of both superficial and deep fat that surrounds muscle groups to enhance the visibility of underlying toning and musculature. 

The method can be performed on multiple body areas, but the most popular include:

Abdomen – Chest – Waist – Back – Buttocks – Arms – Flanks – Thighs

The VASER® Hi-Def Treatment

Firstly, local anaesthetic is administered to the chosen area(s) to numb the site and shrink the blood vessels (which minimises bruising). A VASER® probe, which is around 3-mm in diameter, then emits an ultrasonic fat-specific wave, which breaks down the fat cells and leaves surrounding tissues unharmed.

Dr. Ernu de Villiers is then able to sculpt and define the underlying muscles through a gentle suction process which causes minimum damage to surrounding tissues.

The VASER® Hi-Def Results

Because muscle structures are chiselled and the underlying musculature is made to be more visible and well defined, the results of the VASER® Hi-Def procedure are highly defined and sculpted. The treatment is often chosen to create strong-looking pectorals, defined upper arms, demarcated abdominal flanks, an athletic six pack or a strong, defined upper and lower back.

The results of your VASER® Hi-Def Lipo are usually best seen after a couple of weeks. Your treated areas should retain their sculptured appearance for as long as you remain the same weight.

VaserLipoSculpt01Before VaserLipoSculpt01After
VaserLipoSculpt02Before VaserLipoSculpt02After
VaserLipoSculpt03Before VaserLipoSculpt03After
VaserLipoSculpt04Before VaserLipoSculpt04After
VaserLipoSculpt05Before VaserLipoSculpt05After
VaserLipoSculpt06Before VaserLipoSculpt06After
VaserLipoSculpt07Before VaserLipoSculpt07After
VaserLipoSculpt08Before VaserLipoSculpt08After
VaserLipoSculpt09Before VaserLipoSculpt09After
VaserLipoSculpt10Before VaserLipoSculpt10After
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