Breast Augmentation by Auto Fat Grafting

Dr. Ernu de Villiers is very excited to be able to offer patients the opportunity to enlarge their breasts by making use of their own unwanted fat.

This process is called Breast Augmentation by Auto Fat Grafting.

How does it work?

Most ladies whom wish to enhance their current breast shape and volume has some unwanted fat somewhere else on their body. VASER® assisted harvesting of the fat does not only ensure safe and effective collection of stemcell rich fat, but also ensures predictable and safe volume reduction of the donor area. The harvested fat is then grafted to the breast, ensuring beautiful, natural looking and feeling breasts.

Is it safe and effective?

The procedure is very safe and effective, but as with all surgical procedures there are some very important requirements and contra-indications:

  • A normal Mammogram is a must.
  • Current Breast Prosthesis is a potential contra-indication.
  • Smoking is a definate contra-indication and smokers must stop smoking at least 4 weeks prior and for 4 weeks after the procedure.

Am I a good candidate for Breast Augmentation by Auto Grafting?

The ideal breast size to augment is from an A to small C cup. Results are immediate and very natural.

What to expect and how long will the results last?

The results are immediate and perfect. There might however be an initial volume loss of 15-20 percent, thereafter as the graft settles no further volume loss is expected. 

With time, as one ages and the quality of your breast tissue changes your breast shape will change again. 
However , the benefit of this procedure is that it can be repeated to maintain the perfect natural looking breast.

VaserLipoSculpt01Before VaserLipoSculpt01After
VaserLipoSculpt02Before VaserLipoSculpt02After
VaserLipoSculpt03Before VaserLipoSculpt03After
VaserLipoSculpt04Before VaserLipoSculpt04After
VaserLipoSculpt04Before VaserLipoSculpt04After