Body Piercing

Dr. Ernu de Villiers is excited to offer clinical grade body piercings. 

Piercings symbolize the epitome of confidence and self-expression. Well-placed piercings can enhance facial characteristics, while body piercings can be attractive and appealing to many people. 
If you are considering a body piercing, please consider using the safest route possible: in a clinic, under sterile conditions, with a medical doctor.

With Dr. Ernu de Villiers, you have a doctor who is as equally passionate about body enhancement as any other piercer or tattoo artist in town. 

Piercings available with Dr. de Villiers include...
  • facial - eyebrow, nose, cheek, lip
  • navel
  • nipple
  • dynamic piercings

All piercing studs are of the highest quality surgical steel and performed by Dr. de Villiers himself under sterile conditions.