ABOUT Ultherapy®

Ultherapy® can help you achieve a fresher, more youthful look from your brow to your chest! Both men and women can experience these Ultherapy® benefits:

  • Non-surgical Face Lift
  • Single treatment
  • No downtime
  • Improved collagen formation
  • Natural results
  • Safe ultrasound
Ultherapy® delivers focused ultrasound energy to the same foundational layer typically addressed by surgeons during cosmetic surgery — without cutting or disrupting the surface of the skin.

This energy initiates the body’s natural response to stimulate the growth of fresh, new collagen and strengthen weak collagen.
Some patients see an initial effect right after their treatment, but the real results appear over a 3-6 months period, as new collagen builds, gradually lifting and tightening skin on the face and neck and smoothing skin on the chest.

Unlike lasers, radio-frequency and other technologies, Ultherapy® bypasses the surface of the skin to deliver energy at optimal depths, temperature and precision. Also unique to Ultherapy® is the use of ultrasound imaging, which allows practitioners to see the layers of tissue they are treating, ensuring energy is delivered safely and to where it will be most beneficial.

While Ultherapy® does not duplicate the results of a facelift, it’s an exciting alternative for those who are not ready for surgery — and for patients who wish to extend the effects of cosmetic surgery.

How long does a treatment take?

The length of the treatment will depend on the area being treated and your individual treatment plan. A face and neck procedure takes 60–90 minutes, while a chest treatment takes approximately 30 minutes.

Will I need to take time off?

After an Ultherapy® procedure, you can resume your normal activities immediately without having to follow any special post-treatment measures.

When will I see results? How long will they last?

You may see some initial effect, but the ultimate results will take place over 3-6 months, as tired collagen is replaced by the growth of new collagen. As skin continues to age, future touch-up treatments can help keep pace with the natural aging process.

What does the treatment feel like? As the ultrasound energy is delivered, you will feel tiny amounts of energy being deposited to precise depths, indicating that the collagen-building process has been initiated. Comfort levels vary from person to person, but the sensation only lasts while the ultrasound energy is being delivered. Your practitioner will take measures to make the experience as pleasant as possible.

Is Ultherapy® safe?

The FDA-approved Ultherapy® procedure has been used safely in over 680,000 treatments worldwide. Ultrasound energy has been used safely in the medical field for more than 50 years. In addition, every Ultherapy® practitioner receives extensive procedural training and tools.

Are there any side effects?

You may experience some redness for a few hours following the procedure. It is not uncommon to experience slight swelling for a few days, or tingling/ tenderness to the touch for a few weeks after the procedure, but these are mild and temporary in nature. There is the possibility for other less common postprocedural effects, such as temporary areas of bruising or numbness, which your physician will review with you.


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